TPx Offers 4G LTE as Primary Connection Option for Businesses


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TPx, the former TelePacific, on Thursday unveiled a new service that allows ubiquitous wireless 4G LTE to become primary connections for businesses nationally.

Powered by SD-WAN, the offering is geared toward businesses in hard-to-reach areas, that don’t have easy access to fiber or copper, need to get connected quickly, and must have business continuity, according to the company. It makes 4G LTE a business-ready alternative to fiber, copper and cable, delivering primary internet service as part of TPx’s ITx for WAN product line.

“For companies that are desperate for connectivity, this is life-changing,” said Jared Martin, TPx’s vice president of managed IT. “We’re turning on 4G LTE to provide primary connectivity for … [a] winery located in the beautiful rolling hills of Napa. Its only other option was a $75,000 fiber buildout to bring lines to their office in the vineyard, so their executives were more than happy to find a way to quickly gain connectivity that they could rely on to run their business. Applying TPx’s technical expertise and drop-shipping a managed services router the size of a cereal box did the trick.”

TPx says this capability is part of a set of streamlined disaster-relief offerings that aim to quickly set up internet connectivity without dependence on ground-based facilities. It’s working to help customers impacted by Hurricane Harvey get up and running, the company said.

“We’ve spent months running this through the most rigorous testing for voice and video that we could imagine,” said Teri Lingley, TPx’s ITx for WAN senior product manager. “Data is simple by comparison, but we needed to be certain that we could provide quality of service businesses can count on for all the communications that their enterprises depend on. The bottom line? We can — and do.”

TPx said it uses “one of the nation’s top’s 4G LTE network providers” to deliver an average 10-20 Mbps upload and download speeds to nearly any area of the country. The company plans to add another major network provider to its service shortly to provide “even deeper blanket coverage,” it said.

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