How Can Distributors Serve Cloud Providers?

GTDC Panel

… see what they do differently and leverage that,” he said.

A real problem for distributors taking on emerging vendors is a lack of readiness, not only for distribution, but for the overall channel.

“There are service providers that are just not ready. They don’t have the resources; they may not even have a selling model, and that creates challenges for us to help a service provider build their business,” said D&H’s DeMarco.

Similarly, there’s often a lack of focus and commitment to the distributor relationship.

“The question is, do they have someone devoted to this every day or is it just someone’s part-time job?” queried Synnex’s Moyer.

Clearly, distribution panelists have developed best practices from which emerging vendors could benefit. A strategic one is carefully vetting emerging vendors and not getting to yes too quickly.

“This is about alignment. Aligning what our objectives are, what our roles and responsibilities are, and insuring that the investments are supporting the aspirations in terms of the business that you want to build. It’s crucial that the emerging vendor have a channel strategy, and commitment and adoption within the organization to supporting that,” said Tech Data’s Nethercoat.

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