Dell EMC Expands VDI Complete Solutions Lineup

Dell EMC Complete Solutions

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VMWARE VMWORLD — Dell EMC on Tuesday announced an expanded portfolio of its VDI Complete Solutions: the Latitude 5280 — its latest mobile thin client; and NVIDIA virtual GPU options, on day two of VMWorld in Las Vegas.

The company added a new software platform – VMware Horizon Apps for virtual application delivery to PCs and thin clients – to the VDI Complete Solutions lineup.

Dell's Jeff McNaught

Dell’s Jeff McNaught

“The VDI Complete Solutions with Horizon Apps simplifies modern app delivery to PCs enabling access to Windows and critical business applications on any device, anywhere,” said Jeff McNaught, vice president of marketing and chief strategy officer for Dell’s cloud client computing unit.

This solution allows for high-session density with up to 1,400 hosted apps. IT administrators can add, update and retire applications in real time, and instantly roll out apps to all users, or selected groups of users. End users can self-manage the apps that they need at any given time, reducing endpoint resource requirements, the vendor said.

Dell EMC also announced an expanded edition of VDI Complete with enhanced graphics options with the NVIDIA Tesla M10 and M60 GPU graphics accelerators.

The NVIDIA Tesla M10 GPU accelerator enables higher performance and a responsive end-user experience for knowledge workers. Organizations can also select NVIDIA Quadro vDWS with Tesla M60 as a custom option for specialized power users for intense and professional applications like CAD/CAM. NVIDIA GPU capabilities can be added on as a single node or up to a four-node cluster, enabling IT to provide enhanced graphics over time, or deploy to users or departments that require them the most. An NVIDIA GRID software license is required to enable the enhanced graphics for virtual desktops and is available separately, Dell EMC said.

“Consider NVIDIA Tesla M10 GPU, which can be installed in the VxRail appliance, as graphics for all, giving everybody – even those on thin clients – the rich experience you’d get on a powerful PC. And the Tesla M60 that enables those advanced applications [can] be delivered at a great distance, to be delivered to simple devices like thin clients but with the delivery of the full performance of a graphics workstation,” said McNaught.

VDI Complete is a flexible consumption model for end-to-end VDI with one point of contact for support and a per seat/per month cost model. The VDI solutions are based on Dell EMC VxRail appliances or Dell EMC VMware vSAN ReadyNodes and VMware Horizon software. VDI Complete Solutions were announced at Dell EMC World in May.

Customers can opt to either build their own VDI solution or buy a preconfigured, prepackaged model. Dell EMC VDI Complete Solutions with Horizon Apps will be available in …

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