Windstream Enhances SD-WAN Offering Post-EarthLink Acquisition


New and improved

…numerous upselling opportunities, Frane said.

“A lot of the partners that we have, their clients are legacy networks, so they have a lot of legacy MPLS and in MPLS you have a lot of legacy T1, and it’s those types of companies and those industries that are feeling a lot of pain as their demands keep increasing but their budgets don’t,” he said. “So there’s a tremendous opportunity by bringing in broadband capabilities, by bringing in cellular and wireless capabilities, and overlaying the SD-WAN technology, it gives them a great opportunity to have a new discussion with a customer because now we’re not just talking about networks and speed, we’re talking about applications and performance, and customer experience.”

Although Windstream has had a lot of success in finance, health care and retail, “we’re really seeing that SD-WAN and the story of hybrid networks is applicable to other verticals as well,” Frane said.

“You can move it into professional services, manufacturing, really across the board because there’s really not a vertical today that isn’t feeling pain because their networks are old and slow, and not ready to operate at cloud speed,” he said. “And that’s really what SD-WAN and the broadband portfolio hyper network capabilities that Windstream brings to bear can offer them. It’s a much more dynamic, much more cloud-ready solution than they had with their legacy networks.”

According to IDC, the global enterprise SD-WAN market is anticipated to reach $8 billion by 2021.

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