Growth of MapR’s Converge Program Prompts New Program for SIs

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Just over a year after launching its Converge Partners program, MapR Technologies has rolled out Elite Premier, a subset program specifically for systems integrators (SIs) to work with its growing list of customers on a wide variety of big data projects.

The Elite Premier program was formed to accommodate the significant increase in partner enrollment in the Converge program. It is designed to give SIs the resources to further develop their big-data practices around the MapR Converged Data Platform.

MapR's Geneva Lake

MapR’s Geneva Lake

Geneva Lake, MapR’s vice president of worldwide alliances, tells Channel Partners the goal behind the new program is quality control, “to ensure that there [are] certain criteria met by that SI in regard to knowledge of MapR, ability to implement it, [and] really understanding how to run a MapR project because we’re not a services company — the investment they’re willing to make in MapR, etc.”

“With that we have a higher likelihood of these projects being successful,” she said. “[Getting] quality and high-performing SIs with MapR technology was really our goal, so our reps know who to go to, because very often, on the surface these can seem like simple projects and they aren’t at all, so we have to have that group of SIs that the reps can go to that have a level of understanding to make these successful.”

Benefits for Elite Premiere partners include: sponsorship for joint business alignment; a designated alliance manager for regular cadence; direct engagement with the MapR professional services team; access to customized partner training for the MapR platform, and preferred status to invest in joint marketing and sales programs.

“We’re starting with a small group of SIs initially – some global and some regional – but servicing the global market,” Lake said. “And they need that one-one-one contact, that one-on-one relationship with somebody on my team, which is why we make them Elite immediately upon both companies accepting the criteria of the program.”

In the past quarter, the Converge program’s enrollment grew by more than 35 percent year over year.

“They’re seeing us more in the market,” Lake said. “We were that hidden secret. Now that I’ve been here 18 months, I’m still blown away by the technology. But we weren’t very good at selling it. So I think we’ve really stepped up our efforts in getting that out in the market so we’re no longer a secret. That has been a tremendous effort. And then this whole team that was put out there to court SIs one by one at the grassroots level. So I think it’s been a combination of things.”

MapR is included on the the Forbes 2017 Cloud 100 list, which includes companies that have industry-beating metrics, including revenue growth, market share and valuation.

“As an established partner with MapR, we view the Elite Premier program as a strategic component in helping us grow our business with MapR and enabl[ing] our customers to be successful,” said Toshiyuki Awai, managing executive officer and COO of IServices Group, ITOCHU Techno-Solutions. “With enterprise-grade performance, scale and reliability, the MapR Converged Data Platform successfully addresses the requirements for modern big-data architectures that we see from our customers in Japan.”

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