ScaleFT Gets $2 Million, Will Boost Partner Base

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Cybersecurity startup ScaleFT has closed on a new $2 million funding round and announced the pre-release availability of ScaleFT Access Fabric, a new component of the ScaleFT Platform that allows enterprises to emulate security practices developed by Google.

ScaleFT's Ben Sabrin

ScaleFT’s Ben Sabrin

Participating in the funding round were Fathom Capital, Spectrum 28, Fuel Capital and Rackspace founder Graham Weston. ScaleFT, which sells software as a subscription, was founded by former Rackspace employees, and Rackspace is one of its customers.

Ben Sabrin, ScaleFT’s chief operating officer, tells Channel Partners the funding allows his company to accelerate its recruitment and enablement of partners.

“We view partners as very important in our journey for several reasons,” he said. “First, there is a lot of education and consulting needed to help people understand how to leverage zero-trust networks. Second, we are a small company bringing a product to market that requires trust from our customers and we view partners as a great way to establish trust outside of our network.

ScaleFT’s partner program is in the early stages, Sabrin said.

“We are working towards finalizing our first few resellers and services partners,” he said. “We have already partnered with a few managed service providers.”

ScaleFT Access Fabric is a globally distributed, cloud-native environment that enables authentication and authorization. It integrates out of the box with an enterprise’s choice of identity governance offerings, including Active Directory, Okta, Google and more.

Access Fabric is ideal for organizations that want to offer employees BYOD flexibility but “don’t want to deal with the cost, complexity, operating overhead and performance deprecations of enterprise VPNs,” ScaleFT said.

Forrester expects spending on global cloud security services to reach $3.5 billion by 2021 — an annual growth rate of 28 percent over the next five years.

ScaleFT’s goal is to simplify network security architecture,” Sabrin said. “Google’s BeyondCorp research is evidence that this can work. Users prefer using this zero trust technology over VPNs and the hassles of traditional perimeter defenses, and they also see higher performance when they have to access the corporate network remotely. Adoption is critical in security. And simplicity. We think about three basic things that enable simplification: Change the definition of identity from username/password to the set of the person plus device and what you are doing right now; focus on the corporate network and the internet — if we can’t connect applications, services and machines to the public internet we can’t deploy them; (and) build a set of access policies that are dynamic and can be deployed globally in real-time.”

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