Megapath Hits Dedicated Internet Access in 1 Million Lit Buildings

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MegaPath is celebrating an internet connectivity milestone.

The Pleasanton, California-based company said Wednesday that it has surpassed 1 million lit buildings where it is providing dedicated Internet access.

MegaPath's Dan Foster

MegaPath’s Dan Foster

Dan Foster, MegaPath’s president of business markets, says customers are more than ever looking for Internet reliability and performance.

“At the same time that businesses are looking to add more bandwidth, they’re wanting to lower their circuit costs,” Foster said. “Our wide range of DIA services, along with our flexible SD-WAN capabilities, give businesses the option to achieve optimal bandwidth performance, whether they desire a large pipe or prefer to aggregate smaller, more economical circuits, or do a combination of both across their locations.”

MegaPath can provide dedicated Internet access either as part of a comprehensive service offering or as a single service. The larger service offering includes SD-WAN, hosted voice and managed Wi-Fi. MegaPath updated its SD-WAN offerings earlier this year. The company calls its bundle containing Internet access services and SD-WAN MegaPath Red.

Its service levels range in price, with speeds varying from 3 Mbps to 10 Gbps.

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A lit building already contains the physical presence of a telecommunications carrier or Internet service provider – including fiber.

You can read more about Dan Foster’s interesting employment history with MegaPath here.

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