The new app is designed for Salesforce users in telecom, data service providers and the agents who sell their services. With MasterStream Quote, the MasterStream sales productivity platform fully integrates with Salesforce for current MasterStream users.

“It’s been exciting to see the enthusiasm from our customers over this app,” said Chris Gellos, Salestream’s executive vice president of sales and marketing. “By combining MasterStream’s sales productivity tools with the broad capabilities of Salesforce, our customers enjoy the most feature-rich and compelling sales productivity platform and business management tools tailored to the converging telecom and IT market.”

Salestream said the new app allows users to: increase efficiency and sell more; be confident in quote accuracy; and get consistent funnel data and integrated reporting.

In April, Salestream and mTusker, an ERP and CRM sales and operational software provider, signed an agreement to merge.