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CISCO LIVE — Tech Data on Monday announced new IoT and analytics solutions, as well as new vendor relationships, boosting its Smart IoT and Analytics Solutions Practice in the Americas. The distributor launched its specialized IoT business practice about a year ago.

Tech Data used the Cisco Live venue to unveil its Smart IoT Scale Model, designed to demonstrate how IoT and analytics solutions can drive business outcomes and also provide value in specific vertical-industry settings.

The distributor also announced a key vendor partnership.

Tech Data will distribute the Cisco Smart+Conneted Digital Platform, a smart city framework, and has partnered with Quantela Inc., a digital technology solutions company, to offer its partners a solution to deploy and manage their customers’ smart-city solutions. Cisco’s Smart+Connnected Digital Platform, is a pay-as-you-go cloud hosted service that delivers tools and guidelines for create a smart city framework and management.

Quantela focuses on IoT solutions and offers end-to-end smart city solutions that help manage smart communities, analyze the data they produce and share that information with the citizens and businesses.

“Cities are increasingly looking for sustainable and cost-effective methods of deployment and management of smart solutions related to traffic, security, street lighting and parking services,” said Sridhar Gadhi, CEO of Quantela. “We are pleased to engage with Tech Data and its partners to offer this capability to cities using our cloud-based remote services platform that will improve efficiency and reduce costs for delivery of urban services.”

Also included in today’s announcements are two additional distribution agreements.

  • The first is with iValu8, a provider of social and digital marketing solutions in the retail and hospitality industries. Tech Data will offer iValu8 digital retail services, leveraging Cisco Meraki with iValu8 software.
  • Tech Data also signed a distribution partnership with Molex, which gives resellers access to the new Cisco Catalyst Digital Building Series Switch solutions, in addition to connected lighting solutions from Molex.

“Molex strives to bring intelligent, productive and integrated solutions with high reliability, excellent consultancy and technical support,” said Murad Mohammed, sales and business development manager at Molex. “Tech Data’s vast experience covering these technology fields makes them a natural fit to drive successful acceleration of these IoT solutions,” he added.

With its Smart IoT and Analytics Solutions Practice, Tech Data offers a partner enablement strategy to help simplify the process of becoming an IoT solutions provider, the distributor said.

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