SkyKick Strengthens Its Cloud Management Platform

Cloud Management

SkyKick has enhanced its cloud management platform for partners in response to both rapid growth in partner migrations, and requests from IT partners for a streamlined method for migration process and workflow management.

SkyKick's Evan Richman

SkyKick’s Evan Richman

The company upgraded Its Office 365 migration software suite with new features aimed at making managing migrations easier, while giving partners more visibility and control over active projects, the company said. Partners now have the ability to stop, start and reset desktop setups remotely, saving several minutes per user in troubleshooting, an important consideration in large-scale migrations, it said.

Evan Richman, SkyKick’s co-CEO and co-founder, tells Channel Partners the enhancements are part of a “relentless march to optimize our solutions to help partners save even more time, while ensuring they retain maximum control and flexibility over the cloud projects they manage on behalf of their customers.”

“Based on some of the early feedback we’ve received, we’re most excited by the responses from partners who have shared that these enhancements are saving them time, and making it easier to move, protect or manage their cloud customers,” he said.

SkyKick also announced updates to its cloud backup software, including updates to the browse and search experience, and the ability to do complete restores for Microsoft OneDrive for Business. Prior to this release, partners could restore files only. The company also is enhancing its Microsoft SharePoint backup capabilities, with complete backup and restore support for SharePoint site collections and lists.

Partners also will be able to take advantage of more flexibility and choice in the cloud backup offerings they provide to customers as SkyKick is announcing a new standalone backup SKU for OneDrive for Business. The company has traditionally had three backup SKUs: backup for Office 365 Exchange standalone, backup for SharePoint and OneDrive for Business, or both SKUs combined. Partners also will be able to provide their customers with backup for their OneDrive for Business data as a separate offering, or bundled in combination with Exchange backup.

“SkyKick is 100 percent channel-focused and enabling our partners to accelerate in the cloud is our only focus,” Richman said. “At its core, we believe that to help IT partners build fast-growing, more profitable cloud businesses, it’s essential to take a platform-based approach that spans the lifecycle of moving an SMB to the cloud, protecting their data and managing them on an ongoing basis. As we upgrade the platform now and in the future, you’ll see us continue to target our innovation efforts across these different challenges that partners face, while continually focusing on helping partners save time on managing projects through automation, and adding more ways for them to profitably serve SMBs.”

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