Netwrix Study: Employees Biggest Cyber Risk to Businesses


A new study concludes that the vast majority of businesses know that they are ill-equipped to handle cybersecurity risks.

Netwrix conducted a survey and found that nearly three in four (74 percent) companies consider themselves unprepared for IT risks.

Netwrix's Michael Fimin

Netwrix’s Michael Fimin

They attributed the vulnerability to several factors: a lack of dedicated security personnel – only 65 percent of organizations have a cybersecurity team; the use of only generic security offerings – 89 percent of the respondents say they just use basic solutions; and a lack of budget and time.

Michael Fimin, Netwrix CEO and co-founder, says that one of the fundamental security steps businesses need to take is getting visibility into their systems.

“Organizations understand very well the need to focus significant effort on protecting the smooth operation of their businesses,” Fimin said. “While they see their own users as the main threat, they haven’t yet gained visibility into user activity in business critical systems and manipulations of sensitive data. The Netwrix 2017 IT Risks Report reveals that improvement in these areas is first on their agenda.”

Netwrix surveyed more than 700 respondents from various verticals this spring, asking them to identify their IT risks, security process and overall readiness to handle threats. The majority of the respondents (65 percent) suffered a security incident last year, and they most frequently named human mistakes and malware as the problems.

A startling number was 66 percent: the amount of organizations that believe their employees are their biggest threat. That is in part due to a lack of visibility; barely more than one in three (36 percent) respondents say they have a full view of what their employees do with regard to IT.

Fimin says channel partners can help businesses find solutions that promote visibility into cyber risks.

“While the need for better visibility and control is apparently not going anywhere, IT professionals often lack time to keep a close watch on what’s going on in their IT environments, as well as to familiarize themselves with all the available security and risk mitigation solution,” he said. “With their outstanding market knowledge, channel partners have an opportunity to reduce security burden placed on organizations by offering software and services for better risk management and data protection.”

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