Cisco Certified Professionals Get New Continuing Ed Option

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Cisco on Tuesday announced a Continuing Education Program for recertification to help Cisco Certified professionals stay on the edge of digital transformation.

Cisco's Tejas Vashi

Cisco’s Tejas Vashi

This latest learning from Cisco is designed to expand options for recertification and help evolve talent in the workforce in the face of emerging technologies such as network programmability, IoT and cloud. [Just last month, Cisco added a Global Gold Certification to help partners participate in an increasingly global economy.]

“And for partners, they need to be able to have that elevated discussion around what is the corporate strategy and how can technology help drive the customer there — so that need for a higher level of skill set is there,” Tejas Vashi explained to us.

In general, he said, certified employees are more than 30 percent more efficient than non-certified employees; 37 percent more effective at completing advanced tasks; produce 34 percent higher quality results; and, 31 percent faster at completing tasks.

How the Cisco Continuing Education Program works:

  • Cisco Certified Internetwork Experts (CCIEs) and Cisco Certified Design Experts (CCDEs) with an active, emeritus or suspended status now have an option to recertify by earning credits through continuing education. This is an alternative to taking a written certification exam every two years.
  • The program includes authorized learning materials and activities that are current, convenient, customized and continuously available through online courses, instructor-led trainings, authoring exam items and Cisco Live trainings.
  • An online portal has been established for the Continuing Education Program to detail learning options, authorized providers, validate credits and help learners track their progress.
  • Once candidates have earned the designated number of credits, they will be recertified.

The new flexible continuing education option offers another route to learning for Cisco certified professionals who prefer to learn in smaller bites at frequent intervals.

Expect to see Cisco be aggressive in rolling out the continuing education option for other recertifications, Vashi indicated.

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