iTel Networks to Work with Master Agent Telarus

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iTel Networks and master agent Telarus have formed a new partnership.

iTel's Kelly Pritchard

iTel’s Kelly Pritchard

iTel, the Canadian telecommunications provider, says it provides an “easy and cost-effective solution” for U.S.-headquartered businesses to service their office locations in Canada without dealing with multiple carriers. The partnership aims to further strengthening cross-border connections between the United States and Canada.

“We feel there is a lot of value for American companies to buy services from a Canadian company,” said Kelly Pritchard, iTel’s national channel director. “Traditionally, cross-border business flowed through complex, multi-tiered wholesale models. We bill in Canadian dollars, we understand the competitive landscape, know who all the players are and are familiar with the country’s pricing and technology trends.”{ad}

iTel, which bills itself as a partner-led organization, says that, partnership by partnership, it is helping “bridge the telecommunications gap” between the United States and Canada.

“… the opportunity to better serve Canadian customers with iTel is right in line with our business strategy,” said Patrick Oborn, Telarus’ co-founder.

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