Fog Computing Platform Vendor Lilee Systems Welcomes Partners

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PTC LIVEWORX — Fog computing platform vendor Lilee Systems is growing fast and the opportunities to connect new things to the Internet of Things (IoT) is growing faster. That’s why Lilee contends that channel partners have a rare opportunity serve a range of vertical markets and get in on the action.

Lilee Systems' Paola RealpozoIn a session titled, “One Size CAN Fit All: Leveraging IoT Gateways for Channel Success,” Paola Realpozo, director of rail strategy at Lilee, addressed a room full of LiveWorx 2017 attendees about managed service opportunities for monitoring, updating and maintaining their deployments.

Lilee is a leading vendor with fog computing gateways for the distributed enterprise, and in particular, railway systems to accommodate connectivity in motion. According to Cisco, which coined the term fog, or edge, computing several years ago, it represents an architecture that allows data to be analyzed where it’s generated offering operational, security and network advantages.

“We believe that the IoT market requires an evolution of the gateway technology — and that means, at the end of the day, how are you sending data back to the cloud,” she said.{ad}

The three core things necessary for an IoT platform:

  • A smart gateway that knows when to use Wi-Fi, LTE, or satellite communications, for example, allowing the highest amount of throughput at the lowest possible cost.
  • Built-in storage and local computing power to process data at the network edge.
  • A cloud element for management, configuration and provisioning.

While Lilee focuses on its core competencies, it recognizes that needs for partners to achieve the results that customers are looking for. The vendor is looking for partners:

  • who are able to lead the discussion on IoT/Fog – and what’s possible with the right technology;
  • are ready to seize opportunities for new architectures that simplify, reduce costs and add value;
  • are ready to engage in new business conversations with different business units; and
  • are able to consult around analytics and business intelligence.

Realpozo pointed out that strong collaboration is needed to deliver digital transformation and the market is eager for early leaders with demonstrated use cases. Lilee has a strong grounding in the railroad industry but recognizes the opportunity for its solution, in collaboration with partners, to be used across industry and applications. In addition to the railway industry, the vendor’s expanded connected industry solutions include: connected transportation, connected industry, connected first responders, connected retail and connected smart cities.

The latest Lilee platform for mobile and fixed distributed environments, the TransAir STS Series Gateways and T-Cloud Management Platform, targets new markets with its small form factor, open systems design, and support for Windows, Linux, and Android, among other features.

Lilee offers a number of services. One, for example, is connectivity as a service (CaaS), a monthly subscription managed service that enables customers to provide high-quality connectivity to passengers and field operations, as well as monitoring, network performance and end-user support services.

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