Arcserve Acquiring FastArchiver to Meet Midmarket Demand

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Arcserve is acquiring a technology that it says will help it bring better email archiving to the midmarket.

Arcserve's Christophe BertrandThe company announced on Wednesday that it is buying FastArchiver, which will integrate into Arcserve’s data protection platform.

Christophe Bertrand, vice president of product marketing, says the acquisition stemmed from partner feedback.

“What we’ve heard from them on a recurring basis is that they want us to add capabilities in a number of areas, and one of them is archiving,” he told Channel Partners. “And email archiving is definitely one of the hot topics and one of the big rocks you have to climb to get there.”

Bertrand says FastArchiver brings “feature-rich” functionality to the table and will help end users more easily meet regulatory compliance.

“Empowering those employees and IT administrators and IT management to be in charge of the archiving without having to be a Ph.D. in archiving or have a large team,” he said. “We cater with our partners to end users who have typically smaller IT teams and are more generalists than they are specialists; therefore, it’s important to have a solution that’s very intuitive yet very powerful.”{ad}

Arcserve's Erica AntonyErica Antony, vice of product management, says the feedback from partners was very obviously focused on archiving as the technology they wanted Arcserve to address.

“We’re really confident in bringing it in and believe that it’s unserved in the sense that there’s nobody else in the midmarket that’s providing that range of capabilities across all of those pillars of functionality through a single solution,” she said.

Arcserve UDP Archiving will store emails that are on premises, in a public or private cloud in independent location. The multitenant solution gives new storage and deployment options to Office 365 users.

The companies did not disclose the terms of the deal.

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