Check Point Software Unveils New Infinity Security Architecture

Edward GatelyCheck Point Software Technologies Thursday rolled out its new Infinity cybersecurity architecture.

Gil Shwed, the cybersecurity vendor’s founder and CEO (in photo above), introduced the platform during the opening of Check Point Experience 2017 (CPX17) conference in Las Vegas. Check Point said Infinity is the first consolidated security across networks, cloud and mobile, providing “unparalleled threat prevention to keep customers protected against the growing number of cyberattacks.”

“The new architecture connects together all security of the future, cloud, mobile and the highest level of threat prevention,” Shwed said. “We want to block sophisticated attacks before they happen, not after.”

Gabi Reish, Check Point’s vice president of product management and marketing, said Infinity’s three main pillars are: one security platform, sharing resources, leveraging unified threat intelligence and open interfaces; preemptive threat prevention, blocking attacks before they happen; and a consolidated system, with single management, modular policy management and integrated threat visibility. The vendor also announced new capabilities and features within the Infinity architecture.

“This architecture is putting glue to all of the product components together and providing a name to this architecture, which is based on the different components,” he said. “It’s not a rebranding because there wasn’t a brand before. It’s basically taking all the different components and providing above it a name for this architecture.”{ad}

For partners, Infinity gives them the opportunity to “sell or to look at the wider angle perspective of what you can provide as part of your portfolio to your customers because there’s a wider or bigger story that combines or connects them altogether,” Reish said. 

Amnon Bar-Lev, Check Point’s president, said Infinity prevents the “kill chain” of hackers, which includes reconnaissance, delivery, exploitation and control. Enterprises need “real-time, first-time prevention, block things the first time,” he said.

Joe Luciano, CEO of AccessIT Group, said the biggest opportunity created by Infinity is the branding, “having the ability to bring that message to market a little bit more efficiently than we have in the past.” AccessIT has partnered with Check Point since 2001.

“Instead of talking about individual product sets or disparate product sets, it’s showing them the whole …


… vision from one concept,” he said. “It’s not unusual for Check Point, it is unique in the industry to a certain degree because most other companies have had these disparate solutions. For example, Cisco buys companies and integrates them into their product line, but they’re still separate products. One of the things that Check Point brings to the table is the fact that they’re able to manage a whole security infrastructure and a whole threat vector with one pane of glass.”{ad}

Jeff Mullarkey, CEO of RKON, said Check Point’s “messaging really reflects the strategic reality of their offering.” The managed services provider has been a Check Point partner since 1998.

“Same platform regardless of where your IT is now — it’s in Azure, Amazon, third-party cloud, it doesn’t really matter — you can have that same platform everywhere,” he said. “It’s a huge issue for organizations because of the cost, time and energy being spent on creating one-off security environments for all those third parties. It’s killing the return on investment of going to the cloud.”

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