Channel Partners Conference & Expo Newcomers Flock to AT&T Reception

First Timers at CP Expo

CHANNEL PARTNERS CONFERENCE & EXPO —  New faces from all corners of the country came to the First-Time Attendee Reception sponsored by AT&T Monday night, as part of the preconference agenda at the Channel Partners Conference & Expo in Las Vegas.

The 20th anniversary edition of the event will feature more than 5,500 participants and more than 275 exhibitors.

Attendees from various companies networked with each other while enjoying complimentary food and beverages.

Steve Rubin, owner of Peak Communication Systems in Colorado Springs, said his company hopes to see other network service providers and get a larger view of new products in the hosting space.

“We’re in a small town; Colorado Springs isn’t that large. We wanted to get to know different places and people and things that are across the country that we don’t know about,” he told Channel Partners on Monday.{ad}

Nick Schlumpf directs channel relations for Centeris, a Seattle-based data-center company. Centeris has been in the public eye for the last 18 months and is looking to shift to more of a resale model. Schlumpf said his company already has strong Trans-Pacific carrier relationships that could help.

“I’m really looking forward to getting up to speed on what some of the current services that the channel is offering throughout their turnkey partners, but what I also want to see is who else is playing in that global data-center market here on the West Coast, making sure that they’ve got the infrastructure to talk to Asia,” he said.

AT&T has been the exclusive sponsor of the first-timer reception for the last three years. Sue Galvanek, vice president of marketing, pricing and product solutions for AT&T Partner Exchange, and Kevin Leonard AT&T’s vice president of Alternate Channels, welcomed attendees to the conference.

The conference starts in earnest on Tuesday with keynote remarks from Rick Reed, Brian Snortheim and Art Wittmann of Channel Partners. Janet Schijns, vice president of Verizon Solutions and Sales Channels for Verizon Business Markets, will lead the 9:25 keynote.

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