Charter’s TWC-Bright House Acquisition Fuels Ethernet Growth


Charter’s acquisition of Time Warner Cable and Bright House has solidified its reputation as a leading cable provider.

Spectrum Enterprise, which is the newly named combination of the aforementioned companies’ IT services sales unit for large companies, leads Vertical Systems Group’s latest U.S. Cable MSO Ethernet leaderboard.

Comcast and Cox follow Spectrum in the rankings. Altice USA, formerly known as Cablevision, rounds out the list. Altice NV bought Cablevision late in 2015. Cablevision operates Lightpath, which has appeared on the leaderboard in previous years.

Charter has long been recognized in the U.S. Cable MSO leaderboard, but never rose higher than fourth. Time Warner Cable led in 2014 and 2015, with Bright House in sixth in 2015.

“Once again, cable MSO was the fastest growing of the three U.S. Ethernet provider segments,” said Rick Malone, principal at Vertical Systems. “This segment realigned in 2016 with Spectrum Enterprise rising to the top as a result of Charter’s acquisitions of Time Warner Cable and Bright House. Additionally, Altice USA advanced as a major player in the cable MSO segment on combined Ethernet ports from its acquisitions of Suddenlink and Lightpath.”

One of our more popular image galleries recaps how the Charter-TWC-Bright House deal developed.{ad}

Vertical Systems posts several different Ethernet leaderboards annually. Check out its latest U.S. carrier rankings.

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