AT&T Partner Exchange Goes After Mobility with APIs, Enhanced Certification Process

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AT&T Partner Exchange on Thursday rolled out new training and mobility tools for its solution providers.

AT&T's Sue GalvanekThe organization announced three application programming interfaces (APIs) that are said to help partners take of customer accounts. The four-year-old Partner Exchange also enhanced its training program to help partners get quicker certifications in mobility, network and operations.

“As a mobility leader, we work side-by-side with our solution providers to improve operations,” said Sue Galvanek, vice president of marketing, pricing and product solutions for AT&T Partner Exchange. “We’re constantly upping our game so our solution providers can do the same.”

Partner Exchange said the three APIs will improve partners’ activation of mobility devices, account billing and insight into the company’s mobility equipment catalog.

“Mobility is core to our business. APIs are changing the game for us,” said Max Silber, MetTel’s vice president of mobility. “AT&T Partner Exchange puts systems automation control in our hands, making it easier and faster to deliver the products and services our customers need.”{ad}

The enhancements to the AT&T Partner Exchange Certification Achievement Program let partners finish their network services and mobile-services certifications with half of the number of courses previously required. The company boasted that the certification process is more streamlined “accelerates solution providers’ awareness of AT&T products and tools.”

Galvanek said partners in the program have tallied almost 700 certifications so far.

“We’re here to help them win,” she said. “The more we can simplify program knowledge, the more we can empower their success.”

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