New AT&T Business Console Addresses Application Deployment

AT&T is launching a new solution to help businesses manage their many mobile applications.

The telecommunications company on Thursday announced AT&T Business Console, a mobile platform that manages applications and services across iOS, Android and additional operating systems.

The solution attempts to address the complexity of mobile device enrollment, which continues to grow within businesses.

AT&T cited an Okta study that said employees deploy 10 to 16 mobile cloud applications for their jobs. The number grew 20 percent from 2015.

“Our customers are on a journey to transform how, where and when they do business,” said Steve McGaw, chief marketing officer, AT&T Business Solutions. “In support of this transformation, we’re giving customers the ability to select, configure and manage their applications with AT&T Business Console.”

The Business Console fits with the company’s plans to make its network software-defined.

“Collaboration with Independent Software Vendors (ISV) and developers will let us create and deploy content more easily to the end-user,” the company wrote Thursday, “The power is truly in the network, not just the equipment or marketplace. When you bring together ISVs, developers, software and hardware, we can deliver a faster and agile experience.”

AT&T executives declared earlier this month that they want to make AT&T’s network 55 percent software-defined in 2017.{ad}

The company made a brief announcement about the Business Console Thursday and promised further details to follow. AT&T has yet to elaborate on the partner impact.

Channel Partners recently published a report on the challenges SMBs face with mobility management.

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