SADA Systems Invests $11 Million in Cloud Services From Google, Microsoft, Facebook

Cloud Sales

SADA Systems is putting more than $11 million into bolstering its public cloud and consulting services in the upcoming year.

SADA Systems' Tony SafoianCEO Tony Safoian said SADA is on track to double its sales, employees and end users from the previous two years.

The company reports a revenue increase from $47 million to $70 million year over year. It plans to reach $100 million in 2017. SADA partners with Google, Microsoft and Facebook to provide Google Apps, Office 365 and Facebook Workplace, respectively. The $11 million investment will spread across those three business units.

The number of customers it has moved to the public cloud has continued to increase.

“We are extremely bullish on the future of public cloud and this comes directly from conversations with enterprise customers, who continue to ask for our help in evaluating and deploying solutions from Google, Microsoft and more recently, Facebook,” Safoian said. “Our commitment to customer satisfaction, coupled with widespread interest in public cloud, is fueling our growth and guiding our decision to invest in people and new services.”{ad}

The company also is adding 8,000 square feet of office space in its Los Angeles headquarters as it prepares to grow to “220-plus” employees. SADA also promised to tackle new technologies like AI, big data and IoT.

SADA in 2015 signed a partnership with Intelisys to give the master agent access to Microsoft cloud services. The companies expanded the partnership in 2016 so that Intelisys partners could also sell Google cloud services.

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