AT&T Plans to Stop Legacy TDM Services in 5 States

AT&T has asked the Federal Communications Commission for permission to discontinue numerous legacy TDM-related services in Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas.

In its FCC filing, AT&T said there is no market demand for these service options. The telco said it “currently has no customers that subscribe to these service options and has not had any requests seeking these service options in the previous two years.”

The services will be discontinued within AT&T’s Southwest Bell South territory. In all, 13 services will be discontinued, such as telegraph-bridging four-wire capability, voice-grade chan term digital WAL capability, direct analog service telephoto capability, and key activated control channel.{ad}

AT&T plans to discontinue the service options on or after Feb. 28, subject to an OK from the Commission.

The telco has sent copies of its discontinuation application to the public utilities commissions and governors of the affected states and territories, and also to the Special Assistant for Telecommunications to the Secretary of Defense.

This is the latest of numerous FCC applications by telcos to shut down legacy TDM services.

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