news Unveils Threat Observation Platform

**Editor’s Note: Click here for our recently compiled list of new products and services or here to see which channel people were on the move in November.**, which provides cloud-based security, has launched its Threat Observation Platform, giving its partners the opportunity to start taking on security services.

The platform provides transparency into’s intrusion detection and intrusion prevention offerings at all times to protect the company’s business clients’ infrastructure from cyber threats. The company also provides tools to generate and download blocked threat reports for compliance needs or internal use as needed.'s Michael GoodenoughChannel veteran Michael Goodenough, who recently joined as its digital transformation officer, tells Channel Partners the platform “gives our partners the ability to really, very specifically start offering security services and reviewing with their customers what potentially are the largest threats in their environment.” He previously was BCM One’s vice president of cloud solutions.

“We are still an infrastructure as a service (IaaS) with this built-on Threat Observation Platform with disaster recovery and other pieces,” he said. “We have regional partners and a couple of masters that handle certain territories. So our partner portfolio is building. Much like a Microsoft or other organizations, we are empowering our partners to offer additional layers of service on top of our product.”

Unlike its competitors, is giving end users the ability to “manage all the way down the platform, meaning they can reach down into the VMware layer and they can manage their own virtualized infrastructure if they choose,” Goodenough said.{ad}

“We have been developing this one-of-a-kind platform for the last 18 months,” said Mark Amarant,’s CEO and founder. “Security is built into the DNA of all of our cloud offerings. In today’s regulatory environment, customers that have HIPAA or PCI requirements must have this type of visibility into their cybersecurity and have it all in one place for ease-of-use.”

Goodenough said has deep integrations with industry and channel leadership across the globe, “and what we’re doing is very specifically approaching and solving the problems of our customers.”

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