JumpCloud, MSPs Migrate Users from Microsoft Active Directory to the Cloud

JumpCloud, the directory-as-a-service provider, aims to help partners that in turn want to help businesses move to the cloud.

Patrick Cameron, JumpCloud’s chief revenue officer, says the company is building its partner program in order to support those who drive cloud transformations.

JumpCloud's Patrick Cameron“Obviously everybody’s moving to the cloud, and there’s a huge number of cloud transformation agents that are out there that we think we can help and that our customers are telling us we can help,” Cameron told Channel Partners. “And while we’re not leading the cloud transformations, we’re a key piece of it.”

JumpCloud connects a company’s employees and IT resources together using a cloud-based database. It replaces the Microsoft Active Directory and is said to be ideal for companies with hybrid environments multiple types of cloud applications and diverse locations.

“At the end of the day what we’re trying to give you one password that gives you access to all the resources you need,” Cameron said.

And partners have a role to play. Cameron says there are three main categories within JumpCloud’s program: referral, reseller and MSP. The latter two categories incur more levels of support from the vendor — especially MSP, which Cameron says build JumpCloud’s services into their offerings.{ad}

“From a partner perspective, depending on the level of engagement and the level of commitment from the partner, the resources that are committed to them get greater. In the referral world, it’s kind of more of a passing relationship. In the reseller world, there’s dedicated technical and sales support. And then the MSP role is kind of the next step.”

Cameron said partners have the ability to make margins of resale but also have a margin opportunity around migrating customers away from Microsoft Active Directory.

“Almost all of our partners at this point are helping people do the lift and shift, where they’re taking people from on-prem to the cloud,” he said. “And as they design those solutions, we’re a key piece of kind of giving them parity to what they had before.”

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