National Shortage Highlights Urgent Need for Cybersecurity Pros

Internet security

If you’re skilled in cybersecurity, the national job market is your oyster.

Employers across the country posted job openings for nearly 350,000 cybersecurity workers during the past year, according to CyberSeek. It’s estimated that nearly 800,000 people are employed in cybersecurity roles across the country, but employers had an estimated 348,975 job openings.

CompTIA's Todd Thibodeaux“We’ve seen a presidential campaign impacted by hacked emails, data breaches and hacks at government agencies, theft of personal information from social media sites, health-care providers, colleges and universities, and a host of other organizations,” said Todd Thibodeaux, president and CEO of CompTIA. “This daily drumbeat of news about cyber-threats is a constant reminder of the need for cybersecurity readiness. Cybersecurity professionals are the frontline of cyber-defense. The need for skilled security workers has never been more pressing.”{ad}

The top 10 states by number of open positions include: California (45,602); Virginia (36,342); Texas (24,597); New York (20,223); Maryland (16,671); Florida (15,520); Illinois (15,381); Georgia (12,783); New Jersey (12,228); and Colorado (11,153).

“We’ve known for some time that there are gaps between the supply and demand of cybersecurity workers,” said Tim Herbert, CompTIA’s senior vice president of research and market intelligence. “By pinpointing the need from the national to the state to the local level, CyberSeek fills in knowledge gaps so we can better understand the demand for cybersecurity professionals; the skills employers are looking for; and the true supply of professionals to fill those positions.”{ad}

The top cybersecurity job titles include: cybersecurity analyst/specialist; cybersecurity engineer; auditor; network engineer/architect; software developer/engineer; systems engineer; systems administrator; information assurance engineer/analyst; and risk manager/analyst.

Cloud security is now the most difficult IT skill for employers to find in the job market, according to an analysis of the top 10 hardest-to-find technology skills by Burning Glass Technologies.

The rise of cloud computing and the need for cybersecurity skills has pushed this skill set to the top of the list, Burning Glass said. On average, it takes employers more than three months to fill a job that requires cloud security skills. That’s 19 days longer than the second hardest-to-find skill (Jboss application server), and more than double the IT industry average of 45 days.

Management talent is most at a premium, it said. Technical manager/director openings take the longest to fill, at 107 days. That’s significantly longer than the next three positions, SAP manager (64 days), systems analyst (63 days), and Java architect (63 days).

The analysis is based on Burning Glass’ real-time database of job postings drawn from more than 40,000 online sources.

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