Broadview Networks Revamps Conferencing Service

Broadview Networks, the cloud UC provider, is bringing multiple enhancements to its conferencing solution and revising its user interface.

Broadview's Ken ShulmanBroadview said it has updated OfficeSuiteHD, the company’s meeting service, in an effort to increase employee productivity. Updates include the ability to use two cameras at the same time, remote support sessions, break out sessions within a conference call, and the ability to pause and resume recording.

Ken Shulman, Broadview’s chief information officer, told us that businesses need collaborative mobility tools to properly function in an “always-on work environment.”

“As technology evolves and the workforce grows increasingly flexible and mobile, cloud-based solutions like OfficeSuite HD Meeting are rapidly becoming essential tools for business efficiency and effective communications,” he told Channel Partners. “Retaining face-to-face interactions is essential in building and maintaining relationships with employees working offsite or on-the-go, especially within larger working groups.”{ad}

Shulman says Broadview partners will be able to offer a conferencing solution that is inexpensive and available across multiple platforms. The service works on various phone and computer operating systems, as it only requires Internet access.

“Our partners can help business leaders address the need to keep dispersed and remote employees connected by deploying OfficeSuite HD Meeting throughout the enterprise,” he said. “And with OfficeSuite HD Meeting, companies can foster close and personal relationships with their customers and partners anywhere in the world from their desktops or mobile devices, securely and at an instant’s notice or on a schedule, while simulating the experience and rapport of being in the same room. Traditional video conferencing may have once been complicated, expensive and only realistically available in specially equipped and designated conference rooms.”

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