SOVA Partners With Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise HSB Solutions


SOVA, a Platinum Master Agent for Verizon telecom solutions, has partnered with IT service provider HSB Solutions, a Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (DVBE), making HSB Solutions a Verizon telecom services agent.

The DBVE Program was established by the state of California in 1989 to help small businesses owned and operated by disabled veterans compete more effectively for a share of the state’s business.

HSB Solutions' Chad HodgesHSB Solutions was started by disabled veterans with backgrounds as senior programmer, senior project manager and senior systems engineer. The company is closely affiliated with Enterprise Networking Solutions Inc. (ENS-Inc.) and shares executive management. Both companies are headquartered in Sacramento, California, and it is expected that ENS-Inc. will partner with SOVA as well.

HSB Solutions, a networking services company, provides resources for government information technology projects. Now, through its partnership with SOVA, it has added telecom solutions to its portfolio of resources.

“We have not worked with telecom providers like Verizon in the past, because there was not a good mechanism for us to do that,” said Chad Hodges, president of HSB Solutions, who was injured in 2000 while on active duty with the U.S. Marines. “We are service providers; we design and implement systems, but we don’t have the internal resources to offer telecom services. Working with SOVA has already proven to be an efficient way for us to work with Verizon. SOVA knows how to navigate contracts with Verizon and handle the back-office details.”{ad}

SOVA's Gene EsopiLast year, Verizon Enterprise Solutions opened up its services for agents to sell to the public sector, which is the primary market for HSB Solutions. Prior to that, only direct representatives could sell to that sector. SOVA is one of the few partners in the Verizon Partner Program given authorization to sell into these accounts.

“We are looking forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with HSB Solutions and Chad,” said SOVA President Gene Esopi. “As one of our first public sector agents, HSB Solutions is an excellent entry into that market for us; they have an outstanding reputation for customer service and IT expertise. This also gives us another opportunity to support our troops.”

HSB Solutions has master service agreements with …


… most of the 130 state of California departments. “When it comes to what they are looking for in the way of telecom services, each department is unique,” Hodges said. “But they all need basics like connectivity to the internet and telecommunications connectivity.” After only 30 days of working with SOVA, HSB was close to finalizing agreements for Verizon services with two major clients.   

“SOVA did a good job of explaining what the Verizon program is and how it benefits my company as an agent,” Hodges said. “I have access to all of the vehicles that Verizon has and SOVA handles all the details, like processing paperwork and ensuring that we are paid promptly. I would recommend SOVA for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that they make working with Verizon seamless and easy.”{ad}  

Verizon Public Sector Solutions, available through SOVA, are specifically designed for the full range of public sector organizations including education, the federal government, state and local governments and public safety. These solutions help increase productivity by enabling greater information access and mobility while maintaining critical security and reliability. They also control costs, simplify management, and increase responsiveness and transparency.

Editor’s Note: More information on SOVA is available in the Channel Partners Vendor Locator.

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