Powernet Debuts Integrated Billing Service

PRESS RELEASE — CINCINNATI, OH – November 3, 2016 – Powernet’s full-service line-up continues to grow with the release of our newest product, 8055. 8055 is an integrated billing solution that can fit the needs of any organization looking to bill for goods and services.

Customers can also utilize the product for not only billing, but to manage customers, keep financial records and build their brand as well.

“Powernet is very excited to launch our homegrown billing and operations support system,” says Michael Macke, director of operations. “We’ve built this product from the ground up and continue to do so in order to create an effective cloud based billing environment. We know customers will enjoy using 8055 as much as we have over the years.”

8055 is available to customers 24/7 as a hosted product, allowing them to access the billing system from any location. Customers will be given onboarding support in which 8055 experts provide a catered installation process and detailed 1-on-1 training to ensure that customers are effectively billing on the cloud in a timely manner.{ad}

“Billing is one of the most complicated tasks that all organizations have to deal with on a daily basis,” says Anton Loon, vice president of enterprise sales. “8055 simplifies many aspects of the billing system, allowing organizations to become increasingly efficient in more ways than one.”

8055 features billing automation and tax application, speeding up the billing process. Time spent managing customers is also reduced with streamlined provisioning tools that allow organizations to create a fast and flexible workflow. With 8055 billing becomes a painless process that no longer steals hours of productivity away from businesses.

As with all state-of-the-art billing services, financial data is stored in a PCI compliant environment that keeps all sensitive customer information safe and secure. What sets 8055 apart from competitors is the system’s built in fraud solution that detects and reacts to suspicious account activity. Businesses and customers alike can be sure that their information is protected at all times.

The homegrown billing solution, 8055, can bill many of Powernet’s products that continue to connect businesses in more reliable and secure ways. Be sure to explore 8055 and our many voice, data, Wi-Fi and IT managed solutions to discover how we can make your organization more efficient.

About Powernet
Powernet enables businesses to connect with audiences in the office and across the world through wireless networking, Wi-Fi, voice, data, IT managed services provided by Maxis 360, in addition to domestic and international carrier services. As a Woman-Owned business with more than 24 years of telecom experience and expert sales and support teams, we provide our partners and clients the unparalleled service and innovative technology they need to achieve their business goals.

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