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Beginning in January, Citrix will begin offering new Citrix Customer Success Services that partners can offer their customers. The vendor introduced a new model for tiered support services – including guidance, enablement, and proactive monitoring – to help customers accelerate cloud adoption while realizing their business goals.

In total, Citrix will offer three tiered Customer Success/Support Services: Select, Priority, and Priority Plus, with the initial launch of the Select package beginning in January. This new service replaces the existing Software Maintenance offering.

Citrix’s Subscription Advantage (SA) service will no longer be renewed for new customers come Jan. 1, and for existing customers, it’s July 1. Legacy contracts (preferred and enterprise support) go end-of-renewal on Jan. 1, with end-of-life for all such contracts when the agreements expire.

The Priority and Priority Plus offerings will roll out in July 2017. More details about these new service packages will be unveiled next year.{ad}

In the meantime, some more detail:

  • Select intros a newly redesigned entry-level package, building on the company’s technical support, and includes brand-new products and services exclusive to Select customers. 
  • Priority is designed for larger corporate and enterprise customers who need business-critical support capabilities. Priority builds on Select by introducing assigned technical account managers offering personalized support with priority routing and queuing for even faster response and restoration times, plus specialized proactive care services.
  • Priority Plus: Builds on Priority, introducing a mission-critical level of support for those customers who need a truly customizable service, with our highest level of response times, fastest restoration targets, and enhanced monitoring with preventive care. 

The new packaged services are expected to drive partners benefits such as making it easier to sell Citrix services due to quicker turnaround times on quotes and orders.

The vendor also pointed out research that shows Citrix support customers are four times more likely to recommend, renew and purchase more products and services than customers without support — expanding business opportunities for partners.

And, partners will also be the customer’s single point of contact for the new services that Citrix will deliver.

“This allows Citrix partners to focus on overlaying differentiated services such as: multi-vendor support, acceleration and adoption services, and cloud migration services,” the company said.

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