BCN Telecom Improves Managed Services and Equipment Portfolio


BCN Telecom has introduced an enhanced set of managed services and equipment designed to meet the evolving needs of the telecom agent channel and its customers.

BCN Telecom's Julian JacquezThe BCN portfolio includes current equipment technology available from “advanced edge routers to Wi-Fi networking systems and more,” according to the company. Its in-house engineering and design consultants help deliver the “right solution designed expertly and specifically to meet the needs of each and every customer,” it said.

The enhancements follow the announcement of BCN’s partnership with Tailwind to provide nationwide professional field services.

Julian Jacquez, BCN’s COO, tells Channel Partners that with the new offering, complex service and equipment requirements are made “simpler and more enjoyable for the customer, and financially rewarding for the sales partners that we have the opportunity to serve.”

“For example, BCN’s managed Cradlepoint solutions can be configured to allow for a BCN-provided primary Internet access solution to be coupled with a BCN wireless 4G LTE backup Internet access service to deliver to the customer a fully configured, managed and monitored Internet access solution with failover protection,” he said. “Another example would be the addition of a BCN-managed-and-deployed Bluesocket WiFi network solution for a customer with a medium-to large-size office environment. Under this service arrangement, a BCN-provided Internet access service can be further enhanced in the deployment process to provide a sizable customer office with a secure and protected high-quality Wi-Fi network solution.”{ad}

With BCN, the challenges of coordinating, deploying and connecting multiple network services with field-based managed equipment services is a “fully managed and organized process for the sales partner and customer,” Jacquez said. 

“In addition, the customer will experience all the post-activation benefits with BCN of single bill payment across all provided services, as well as having one company to call for any subsequent service changes or maintenance/repair matters,” he said. “A customer with multiple nationwide locations spread across traditional network footprints, who requires multiple voice, data and wireless services, who requires some form of integrated and managed equipment at the premise[s] – becomes a great opportunity for sales partners to pursue. Effectively, perceived challenges become opportunities and perceived headaches become rewards.”


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