Survey Points to BYOD Management Opportunities for Partners


A new survey focused on bring your own device (BYOD) reveals that seven in 10 employees use a personal device for work, while only 39 percent of companies have a formal BYOD policy.

Trustlook's Allan ZhangThe Trustlook survey of 320 Android users aimed to understand current BYOD trends and practices within organizations. BYOD gives employees freedom over where and how they work, and allows companies to spend less on operating expenses and increase productivity — but can pose a security risk.

Eight in 10 companies do not provide their employees with a mobile device for work, leading employees to use their personal devices for work-related tasks, Trustlook noted.

According to the survey, more than half of respondents have never received instructions for using a personal device at work, and more than three-quarters are not familiar with their employer’s mobile-device management (MDM) software. MDM is a way to ensure employees stay productive and do not breach corporate security policies.{ad}

Also, only 14 percent of employers have a preferred mobile security app for their employees to use.

Trustlook found that there is no dominant MDM provider, with more than 10 separate vendors listed by survey respondents. Many companies still don’t use MDM because of cost or complexity issues.

“The lack of MDM and security policies in many BYOD environments presents a great opportunity for IT solution providers,” Allan Zhang, Trustlook’s CEO, tells Channel Partners. “With resource constraints and a lack of expertise at many companies, there is a strong need for independent IT experts to assess current BYOD infrastructures and policies, and implement appropriate solutions. There is no slowing down BYOD’s momentum, and companies are realizing they need to do it right.”

BYOD instructions could include how to connect to an MDM, installing an antivirus, and rules governing which information should and should not be shared, Trustlook said.

Nearly half of employees are concerned with exposing private company information while using a personal device at work. This fear, along with the lack of a formal BYOD policy at many organizations, can pose a security risk, according to the survey.

“BYOD can be great for productivity, but companies need to be more diligent about education, policy enforcement and security,” Zhang said. “We are seeing thousands of new malware threats each month that are capable of stealing confidential company information.”

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