Ecessa Unveils New SD-WAN Management Tool

PRESS RELEASE — Minneapolis, MN – October 18, 2016: Ecessa, a leading software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) provider, announces their new, browser-accessed management tool, Ecessa Insight. Ecessa Insight is a centralized management tool that gives an IT staff the ability to configure, manage and monitor any Ecessa solution.
Ecessa Insight provides customers an end-to-end management tool that assists in the deployment of any Ecessa solution, as well as access to detailed network and device performance data in the years to come. The application can easily be customized through the use of multiple user-definable apps such as maps, dashboards and reports.

The customizable, widget-based framework enabled by Ecessa Insight allows users to build a single-pane-of-glass view, simplifying many common management tasks such as configuration and monitoring. This highly configurable and flexible interface provides organizations with the ability to view multiple layers of physical and geographical topologies. Everything from configuration changes to an overview of network status can be accomplished on any device, anywhere and at any time. When paired with an Ecessa solution, an organization will not only minimize the time required to manage the network, but they will gain unprecedented insight into network and application performance.{ad}

“Our customer’s network performance relies on the powerful appliances we deploy for them,” said Ecessa Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Mike Burica. “Ecessa Insight provides them a customizable view into their network and application performance, and allows them to make changes from anywhere and through any device.”

Ecessa Insight, presented in a single-pane-of-glass view, provides organizations with the ability to:
Ecessa Insight uses centralized configuration to drastically reduce the effort and technical issues associated with deployment. You can configure the entire network as a whole and simply use the cloning feature when adding additional sites.

  • “One device to many” orchestration tool
  • Tiered permissions for security
  • Automatic backups with one-year storage

Many things can go wrong when you are managing a network. Ecessa Insight lets you diagnose and manage remote devices without …


… sending a technician on site. That means your critical applications have greater reliability and availability.

  • Immediate access to all devices
  • Location and relationship mapping
  • Update groups of devices at once

Through regular polling of your Ecessa devices, the central dashboard lets you stay on top of what’s going on with your devices and your network. Ecessa Insight allows you to define the attributes most important to your organization and displays the status for the device, group of devices or your complete network of devices. You can also schedule regular reports and get alerts when a device or network state changes.

  • Automatic global alerts
  • Text and email notifications
  • Site and service checks
  • Real-time data analysis

Ecessa is constantly on the move to improve performance. Look for some more news coming soon about a new software release and virtual technology innovations.
For more detailed information on Ecessa Insight, go to

About Ecessa
Ecessa designs and manufactures networking hardware and software that provides constant and seamless network connectivity for businesses. The company’s line of WAN controllers has over 10,000 field installations. Ecessa Edge™, PowerLink™, ClariLink™ and WANworX™ controllers enable organizations of all sizes to use any type of private or public network bandwidth to reliably run their Internet and cloud-based applications, connect their offices worldwide and distribute traffic among a fabric of multiple, diverse WAN links, ensuring business continuity by removing bottlenecks and eliminating network downtime. The company’s SD-WAN technology optimizes Never Down™ performance of business-critical applications, aids in lowering IT costs, and makes it easier to provision, maintain and support business networks and the applications that run over them. For more information, call 800.669.6242 or visit

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