Channel Connect: Big Opportunities Ahead From ScanSource-Intelisys Acquisition

…mistakes, but our passion, I hope, will convince you that we want to do the right thing. Tell us (if) we screwed up, we’ll fix it. The top people at Intelisys are still the top people at Intelisys.”

Baur said ScanSource isn’t going to change: accurate and on-time payments; dedicated “focus on your business”; Intelisys carrier contracts; and access to top decision-makers.

The strategic rationale behind the acquisition was a large addressable market with expected channel shift and acquiring the “best master agent,” he said.

“We have never sold to an end user and we never will,” Baur said.

Rick Dellar, Intelisys co-founder, said another thing that won’t change is the focus that “we have on this sales partner community.”

“Every one of us is in customer service, that’s where it starts and that’s where the Intelisys-ScanSource story continues,” he said.

Cary Stallings, sales engineer at Net7 Solutions, said hopefully there’s a synergy between Intelisys and ScanSource that will “enable the company to grow for many years.” Net7 is a channel partner for Intelisys and technology consultant for companies.{ad}

“I have nothing but a tremendous amount of optimism in this industry and in Intelisys to help us penetrate this opportunity ahead of us,” he said.

Diane Smith, president and CEO of ChoiceTel, said her company already works with both Intelisys and ScanSource, “so we sort of have that hybrid model in place right now.”

“We’re really excited about the combination because together it will be even stronger than it was before,” she said. “Knowing both models, we really see how it comes together really well.”

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