AT&T Gives Partners Cloud Connectivity, Commends IoT Opportunity

…MPLS, it provides that cost justification – business justification – to keep the MPLS network in place,” he said.

AT&T's Brooks McCorcleAT&T Partner Solutions President Brooks McCorcle introduced Tuesday’s keynote with interesting statistics on mobility. She said that partners have tripled their wireless revenue since hearing a strong exhortation to incorporate mobility into their portfolio at last year’s summit.

That might not be the case for some channel members reading this article. McCorcle said the core of the solution provider group is “wireline-centric” and more accustomed to managing hardware.

“We are pulling them into a new realm,” she told Channel Partners. “We’re serious. We truly believe that if you’re not into mobility, you need to rethink your strategy.”

Ralph de la Vega, CEO of AT&T Business Solutions (shown above, discussing IoT opportunities for partners with McCorcle), told partners in the audience that the trend of mobility naturally segues into in the Internet of Things. He cited two statistics. First, the number of IoT-connected devices will skyrocket from 6 billion to as much as 50 billion in the next four years. But more importantly, he cited Gartner’s prediction that 80-85 percent of those devices will be traverse through indirect sales channels.

Partners, take note.

“It’s a huge opportunity, but you’re not going to be able to leverage that if all you’re selling is wirelines products,” de la Vega said. “You have to get the underlying capabilities to do this.”

He encouraged partners to bring up IoT in conversations with their customers. He listed the strongest verticals for growth as fleet management, health care, asset management, smart cities, wearables and drones. Talking about IoT will “change the conversation,” he said, as C-level executives need to understand the impact it could have on their business. Just look at how Uber – an AT&T customer – has shocked the Taxi industry, he said.

“My message to them is, either you take this technology and you figure out how to disrupt or you will be disrupted,” he said.

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