Federal Court: Metaswitch Infringed 7 Genband Patents, Must Pay $8.1 Million

A U.S. district court in Texas has confirmed a jury verdict that Metaswitch Networks infringed seven of Genband’s patents covering a range of VoIP technology.

Metaswitch must pay $8.1 million for infringement from the start of the lawsuit in January 2014 through the last date the company disclosed its revenues before the trial in August 2015. Genband also can seek additional damages for every infringing sale since August 2015, as well as enhanced damages – up to three times actual damages – for ongoing sales, for “willfully infringing” the patents.

However, the court denied a permanent injunction against Metaswitch. Genband said it will immediately appeal this decision and will seek an injunction on appeal to prevent the “significant harm caused by Metaswitch’s continued infringement.”{ad}

Addressing only the court’s denial of an injunction, Martin Lund, Metaswitch’s CEO, said “we are pleased with the court’s ruling and look forward to continuing our successful partnerships and customer engagements utilizing our broad technology portfolio and long history of technical innovation.”

The U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas’ decision follows a jury verdict earlier this year finding widespread infringement by Metaswitch. Metaswitch’s infringing products include:

  • Session Border Controllers
  • Integrated Softswitches
  • Call Feature Servers
  • MTAS platform with both Accession (supporting Call Jump) and Commportal software (supporting Click to Dial)

“Genband appreciates the thoughtful work of the jury in returning a verdict of infringement on all patents, and now for the judge in rejecting all of the defenses raised by Metaswitch,” said David Walsh, the company’s CEO. “Genband is proud of its many innovations in Voice-Over-IP technology, and remains committed to stop others from using Genband’s innovations unfairly to compete with Genband in the marketplace.”

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