Zerto Updates Virtual Replication With Microsoft Azure Support

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MICROSOFT IGNITE — Disaster-recovery provider Zerto on Tuesday announced that the latest version of its Virtual Replication product will be open to beta users at this week’s Microsoft Ignite Conference in Atlanta.

Zerto's Mariah WestZerto technology specialists will lead a session discussing the company’s hypervisor-based One-to-Many replication for protecting multiple workloads across different data-center sites, and enterprise-class disaster recovery with Microsoft Azure. Other new features include extended 30-day journaling and a new mobile business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/DR) application.

Mariah West, Zerto’s director of global partner marketing, tells Channel Partners that Virtual Replication 5.0 allows partners to show improved return on investment to their customers because it “opens up the door for customers who want to make better use of their Microsoft Hyper-V licenses and utilize Azure.”

“It also opens partner portfolios to both support end users using or looking to use Microsoft, as well as organizations who need more than one DR site for compliance reasons,” she said. “Also, for customers already using Azure, 5.0 gives partners more options to expand their hybrid cloud capabilities and offerings, while also improving other service-level agreement (SLA) capabilities such as going back further in the extended journal to recover lost files — all while reducing storage costs for customers.”{ad}

The full feature set of Virtual Replication 5.0 includes: support for Azure as a public cloud target; the One-to-Many feature with improved migration protection, longer cloud-based retention and individual virtual machine (VM) recovery; extended journal capabilities to reduce backup constraints and storage costs; and the Zerto mobile BC/DR application that supports anywhere, anytime IT environment monitoring.

“Looking at speed as a barrier, the underlying architecture for Azure and 5.0 greatly improves the speed of failover to public cloud,” West said. “The new version also helps solve a cost barrier for some CSP customers as, with the One-to-Many feature, partners are now able to select the right target for the right budget, essentially making a managed provider relationship more cost-efficient for a customer. For example, a lower cost storage target for an application or data with a lower priority SLA.”

Virtual Replication Version 5.0 will be generally available in the fourth quarter.

“Zerto Virtual Replication recently completed a successful alpha test phase, and we’re pleased to see it a step closer to becoming generally available as cloud-based and software-defined infrastructures become more pervasive in today’s IT-enabled businesses,” said Dominic Anschutz, director of Microsoft’s Global Cloud Team. “Across industries we see our mutual customer base embracing the shift BC/DR software is driving for these cloud environments, including Microsoft Azure, and how they’re allowing business leaders to build and execute their cloud strategies using Zerto.”

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