Nimble Storage ‘Eliminating Guesswork’ With Storage Analysis Tool

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Nimble Storage, the flash storage provider, is launching a tool that will help resellers analyze storage environments of prospective clients.

The San Jose-based company on Wednesday announced SiteAnalyzer, a cloud-based tool that lets partners give clients a free storage analysis and recommendation.

Nimble Storage's Rod BaggExecutives from the company say the tool will speed up the sales cycle by eliminating the need to do manual discovery. The solution aims to allow resellers to gain “immediately actionable” insights.

“The traditional storage sales cycle requires the reseller to guess what solutions would solve their customers’ challenges based on incomplete and often inaccurate information,” said Rod Bagg, vice president of analytics and support for Nimble Storage.

The company also said the tool will help partners better size customer environments and find more in-depth data about storage environments.

“SiteAnalyzer gives resellers an easy, non-invasive way to shorten the sales cycle by eliminating the guesswork around identifying a prospects’ storage challenges and designing an appropriate solution,” said Leonard Iventosch, vice president of worldwide channels for Nimble Storage. “This tool delivers hard data on prospects’ environments in a short amount of time, with a report that provides actionable insights that not only help close sales, but can also create upsell opportunities.”{ad}

Amirul Islam, Technical Director at NG-IT, said it’s important to have the solution well-tailored to the customer’s needs.

“Sometimes that can be difficult when the customer doesn’t have the tools or time required to gather information to properly understand their requirements,” he said.

Partners using SiteAnalyzer will be offering free analyses to end users.

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