Verizon Tops AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile in Network Performance Study

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Looking to add wireless service or change carriers? The latest numbers from RootMetrics, the mobile network analytics firm, may provide some insight.

For the first time since RootMetrics began testing nationally in the second half of 2013, Verizon won U.S. RootScore awards outright across all six measured categories: overall performance, network reliability, network speed, data performance, call performance and text performance. The telco tallied 93.9 points out of 100 for overall performance.

AT&T finished second to Verizon in five out of six categories at the national level. It tallied 89.9 points for overall performance.

The only area in which AT&T didn’t rank second behind Verizon was in the call category. Sprint finished second in that category.

The report examines which networks are best at meeting consumer mobile expectations. About 3.7 million test samples were collected while driving and at more than 4,200 indoor locations.{ad}

This marks the first time in five test periods that AT&T didn’t win or share the U.S. text performance RootScore award, according to RootMetrics.

“In short, AT&T has remained a strong No. 2 performer behind Verizon in our U.S. RootScore testing for six consecutive test periods,” the report said.

While Sprint didn’t win any RootScore awards at the national level, the telco’s relative rankings in this test period remained identical to those from the second half of 2015. It remained in third place in the categories of overall performance, network reliability and text performance.

T-Mobile’s relative national rankings were identical to those in both the first and second halves of 2015.

“We’ve noted before that T-Mobile typically performs much better in metro areas compared to state or national levels, and that was again the case in the first half of 2016,” the report said. “While T-Mobile didn’t win any U.S. RootScore awards in this test period, the network narrowly trailed AT&T for third place in both our data RootScore category and our network speed RootScore category.”

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