PGi Study Helps Partners Sell Collaboration Tools

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A new study by PGi, the collaboration software and services provider, pinpoints five collaborative personality types and how they use collaboration tools.

PGi's Ralph HawkinsThe multinational survey of more than 1,000 knowledge workers found that the five distinct personality types – casual, meticulous, practical, savvy and progressive – could be linked back to specific industries, sectors and even job types.

Ralph Hawkins, senior vice president of PGi Partners, tells Channel Partners that learning the personality types and how they use collaboration tools can prove useful to the channel.

“By doing so, it allows partners to gain a deeper understanding of their end user and enables them to speak about the unique needs of their customers’ organizations,” he said. “PGi’s survey findings definitely show an infinite amount of opportunity. By breaking down knowledge workers into these five distinct segments, it allows us to take a more in-depth look at the unique needs of an organization. We can now take a department or team and break down how they’re collaborating. More importantly, we can explore opportunities to create efficiencies, streamline processes and increase productivity – inevitably driving business goals and objectives.”

Results from the study found that while it’s no surprise that many in IT roles are frequent users of collaboration services, executives in marketing, sales and finance were also “power users” of the software, often using collaboration technology to help drive revenue for their businesses.{ad}

Employees across industries such as health care, finance and insurance tend to be tactically focused and use collaboration services as convenient ways to conduct meetings, according to the study.

Workers in professional services, administrative or human-resource roles tend to use collaboration technology to manage small internal workgroups in disparate locations.

Most small business owners use collaborative technology to streamline their growing businesses and cut down on travel expenses. Also, all collaborator segments agree that the top three purchase priorities for their services are: ease of use, cost-effectiveness and reliability.

“One of the key insights we gained from this survey is that collaboration is at a tipping point,” Hawkins said. “Businesses, and employees alike, don’t just see it as a ‘nice-to-have’ anymore. Collaboration has become a critical component to organizational success. If you are not talking to your customers about collaboration, you are missing opportunities to add value.”

Based on the survey results, PGi has created a Collaboration Diagnostic Survey aimed at helping IT professionals identify the right mix of collaborative software, and better understand the progressive and dynamic needs of all their stakeholders. Individuals also can take PGi’s Collaboration Personality Quiz to find out which of the five personality categories they fall under.

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