CenturyLink Adds Carrier Interconnects, Helping Partners Selling Hybrid IT Services

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CenturyLink has increased the number of network carriers available for interconnections across its data center portfolio.

CenturyLink's David MeredithCenturyLink customers have access to 99 carriers and network providers across the company’s 58 data centers throughout North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. The company offers an average of seven network carrier connections at each data center, and some facilities offer more than 20 providers.

David Meredith, CenturyLink’s senior vice president of global data centers, tells Channel Partners that hybrid connectivity options are “crucially important to businesses as they increasingly shift their efforts toward as-a-service offerings.”

“Our partners and their end users benefit greatly from CenturyLink’s significant uptick in the number of network carriers available for interconnections across our data center portfolio,” he said. “Many of these partners are selling hybrid IT services through CenturyLink, and it only helps when you can provide your end users with the tools to access more software-as-a-service (SaaS) offerings, additional financial services exchanges, carrier hotels and additional hosting locations.” {ad}

Connectivity options provide access to ISVs, content-delivery networks, financial matching engines, carrier hotels and on-net access to more than 260 data center facilities, according to CenturyLink.

“As the fast-evolving digital economy accelerates the market need for agile and secure IT infrastructure environments, organizations are leveraging colocation providers to extend their IT footprints in facilities with reliable and performance-optimized network interconnection ecosystems,” said Melanie Posey, IDC’s research vice president. “The digital economy is geographically dispersed; therefore, IDC sees a long-term need for distributed IT environments and diverse, interconnected networks.”

The increase in carrier connections follows an announcement made earlier this year by CenturyLink about the expansion of its global data-center footprint, new facility certifications and innovations for hosting services.

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