Verizon Announces Partner Marketing Benefits for SD-WAN, Millennial Recruitment

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CHANNEL PARTNERS EVOLUTION — Verizon Enterprise Solutions on Tuesday announced three initiatives geared toward helping its partners continue transforming in a digital world.

Janet Schijns, vice president of global channels for Verizon Enterprise, made the announcements at Channel Partners Evolution in Washington, D.C.

Verizon's Janet Schijns delivered a Channel Partners Evolution keynote address after her Tuesday morning interview with Channel Partners.First, The Alliance Partners, which includes 17 members and represents about $1 billion in business, is now a Verizon Platinum partner.

“Many of our partners are doubling down on investing in their businesses or finding a new route to market,” Schijns said. “So it’s a big, big win bringing them in as a Platinum partner into our program.”

Second, Verizon has added an SD-WAN incremental market development fund (MDF) budget for its partners.

“Bring us their plans on how they’d like to go to market and we’ll help them,” Schijns said. “We have training, we have all the assets they would need; we’re going to help them in the fourth quarter to go out and attack for SD-WAN.”

And third, Verizon is launching marketing benefits to help partners recruit millennials.

“We’re seeing it in their marketing and sales organizations; they need to start to get these folks into their businesses,” Schijns said. “And it’s been difficult training, understanding the industry and appealing to somebody who’s maybe a few years into the workforce and has good skills. So we’re launching a benefit for that as well.”{ad}

The initiatives are driven by digital transformation, she said.

“So that digital transformation, that need to connect online, continue into the real world, virtualize many services and have IoT connections everywhere; it’s a world of things, that’s what’s driving this need,” Schijns said. “And it’s being driven by millennials. So millennials are almost 50 percent of the workforce, they’re about 25 percent of the population now and [represent] trillions of dollars in spending. And so every company from big to small is trying to figure out, ‘How do they transform themselves in a digital world to appeal to this next generation of buyers?’”

In the meantime, Schijns has completed her first 100 days as Verizon Enterprise’s channel chief, which she said were “very, very heavy on making sure I saw the partners’ business plans and that I understood what Verizon needed to do to be relevant to their business plan.

“I would say the most fun always is I still get to go to all these great events and see all of our partners, but the tone has changed,” she said. “Three years ago at this event, although we may have talked about IoT, mobility and the cloud on the stage, when you went to the show floor, it was still very legacy. This year, you’ve seen the tipping point. You go to the booths and they’re talking about that technology. So I’m actually at a point here in our industry where everybody’s ready for the change that I’m trying to drive in Verizon’s channel.”

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