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PRESS RELEASE — CHANNEL PARTNERS EVOLUTION — CSF Corporation (Booth E48) today announced the rollout of 8MS Release 12.1 adding new capabilities including the integration with the Somos ROC (RespOrg Change) process for making the management of toll-free numbers faster, easier, and more efficient.

Customers can visit CSF and see 8MS live at Channel Partners booth #E48 August 15-17 in Washington, DC.

The key advantages of the new 8MS ROC Integration are as follows:{ad}

  • 8MS allows for the automated and simplified management, provisioning, and routing of toll-free numbers to the SMS/800 National Registry which is used by RespOrgs to manage their toll-free numbers.
  • The 8MS ROC feature automates the porting process by allowing RespOrgs to send electronic LOAs (Letter Of Agency) and to automatically port numbers in a more efficient and economical manner from within their familiar 8MS environment.

“CSF is excited to expand 8MS and further automate RespOrg change process” according to Frank Lauria, EVP at CSF Corporation.  Frank explained “This makes the process of porting and managing toll-free numbers much easier, faster, and more efficient.”

During Channel Partners, CSF will have live demonstrations of 8MS, 8MS Carrier Express, 8MS TeXT, and the rest of the 8MS Toll Free Provisioning and LCR software suite.  For additional information on CSF Corporation, please visit our website at 

About CSF Corporation
CSF is the leader in toll free number management, provisioning, texting, and Least Cost Routing (LCR) software.  With over 100 RespOrg and Carrier Customers, our flagship software product 8MS makes over over 75% of all changes to toll-free numbers in the industry.  Our customers save time and money with their toll free number management, and can reduce their external carrier costs over 20% using our LCR and route optimization software.

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