Broadview Offers New Incentive Program for Agents

PRESS RELEASE — CHANNEL PARTNERS EVOLUTION — Broadview Networks (booth D38), a leader in cloud-based unified communications (UC) and information technology services,  announced today a new incentive program aimed at agents selling its unique, and highly differentiated, unified communications system, OfficeSuite UC™. Agents selling service under the new highly flexible incentive program can easily give the best service and best phone at the best price to their customers and earn as much as a 625% spiff.

The new incentive program offers active Broadview agents a flexible service OfficeSuite® Professional pricing that starts as low as $19.95 per month and new phone options starting at $0. Agents can also include, at no additional charge, POE adapters, mobile apps, and voicemail transcription. These services are in addition to the services already included in the OfficeSuite® Professional service packages, HD video and audio conferencing, online faxing, toll-free services and access to Broadview’s award-winning MyOfficeSuite system.{ad}

“By all accounts this new plan is a game changer for agents,” said Donna Wenk, Vice President of Alternate Channels for Broadview. “Every agent I share the new incentive program with says it will help them close more deals and allow them to fund additional programs to improve their own operation.”

Broadview’s OfficeSuite UC™ system is the only one to crack the code and make unified communications easy for all employees to access and use from any device with internet access.  By giving employees control over features, businesses quickly see a return on their investment of time and money. Broadview achieved this by developing their own, and only, 100 percent cloud-based UC system, one that is not reliant on phones, servers, power or other devices to operate.

Broadview first pioneered the market with their OfficeSuite UC™ service in 2005. Today the OfficeSuite UC™ platform services more than more than 250,000 people across all 50 states.

Earlier this month, Broadview also announced the wide-scale availability of their new OfficeSuite Order Wizard. This new web-based application helps agents and their end customers accelerate deployments by centralizing and automating data collection and back-office provisioning systems. The system further allows agents to provide hands-on service that enhance their own value and end-user experience to their customers.

“We have invested a tremendous amount of capital and development resources to extend our ‘easy to use’ model to the channel,” continued Wenk. “Agents can now easily quote and turn-up an advanced, differentiated UC service that truly helps their customers solve real-life and every evolving business challenges like employee mobility and productivity and disaster avoidance.”

Broadview new “Pick Your Own Fast Lane” incentive runs through the end of the year and is available to all active agents. For complete details, agents can contact Broadview Networks or their dedicated Broadview Channel Manager.

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