Powernet Debuts PowerWAN

PRESS RELEASE — CINCINNATI, OH – August, 9 2016 – Powernet has released PowerWAN, an SD-Wan solution enabled by VeloCloud that provides reliable network connectivity with great quality for a fraction of the standard price. PowerWAN also eliminates many costly barriers that prevent businesses from growing
and staying connected.

“PowerWAN will help revolutionize customer network performance,” says Brent Baker, manager of network services. “No longer will businesses be forced to use expensive dedicated circuits and difficult to manage hardware, allowing them to save money and gain excellent visibility into the performance of their WAN.”

Replace complex and unreliable branch-branch infrastructure by utilizing the cloud to replace expensive datacenters and increase compatibility across branches. PowerWAN’s ability to coexist with previous infrastructure allows it to be a plug and play solution. Zero touch installation allows for multiple branches across your organization to get their network up and running immediately.{ad}

“PowerWAN boosts internet quality that could otherwise prevent a customer from doing business, stop credit card processors from connecting to the internet or preventing businesses from having voice conversations. Problems with a network slow-down at certain times during the day are erased,” says Anton Loon, vice president of enterprise sales. “If you are having similar problems or other frustrations with VOIP technology, PowerWAN solves these problems.”

Dynamic multi-path optimization continuously monitors to make sure each application is traveling along the strongest and most reliable route. Applications on a poor connection will be seamlessly transitioned onto a stronger path with no service interruption ensuring all processes stay online. When connected to the network, data is gathered and distributed in a secure and flexible cloud gateway. Realtime data can be monitored and controlled from the orchestrator. PowerWAN’s smart QOS recognizes over 2,500 applications out-of-the-box, allowing it to identify which applications are using the most data. The orchestrator can then lower or raise priority for specific applications to guarantee that the right apps are getting the data they need to run smoothly. This process gives organizations the opportunity to cut costs and save on human capital by allowing IT to work from a central location while monitoring the entire network.

“Any forward thinking organization should be looking at what PowerWAN can do for you,” says Baker. “Are you having difficulty adding bandwidth? Do your real time apps suffer due to network performance issues? Is network administration a black hole in your budget every year? PowerWan can solve all of these problems through innovative SD-WAN capabilities.”

PowerWAN is one of the many products offered by Powernet that enables businesses to connect in more reliable and secure ways. Be sure to explore PowerWAN and our many voice, data, Wi-Fi, and IT managed solutions to discover how we can make your organization more efficient.

About Powernet
Powernet enables businesses to connect with audiences in the office and across the world through wireless networking, Wi-Fi, voice, data and IT managed services, in addition to domestic and international carrier services. As a Woman-Owned business with more than 24 years of telecom experience and expert sales and support teams operating out of our Cincinnati, Ohio headquarters, we provide our partners and clients the unparalleled service and innovative technology they need to achieve their business goals.

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