Huawei Commits to Openness With Cloud Open Labs

Demonstrating its commitment to open platforms, Huawei on Thursday announced its Cloud Open Labs – with interconnected facilities across four centers – that will provide the foundation for integration and verification of solutions to enable what the global information and communications technology solutions provider calls its All Cloud Strategy.

Jim Lu, president of Global Technical Service, Huawei, spoke at the launch.Back in April, Huawei announced its All Cloud strategy, which according to the company is the full reconstruction of infrastructure networks in four respects — equipment, network, services, and operations. The strategy aims to create systematic strengths in pooled hardware resources, fully distributed software architecture and full automation. According to the strategy, the entire network will shift to data center-centric architecture — and all network functions, services and applications will run in the cloud data center.

“Operators will face numerous challenges during the transformation to the cloud, including multi-vendor integration, evolution from existing networks to target networks, and problems relating to agile operations. Our Cloud Open Labs’ function is to establish an ecosystem, conduct pre-integration and pre-verification, and serve as a joint innovation platform which will effectively enable the All Cloud Strategy,” said Bruce Xun, vice president of global technical service at Huawei.{ad}

Digital transformation sits at the core of both of Huawei’s recent initiatives, Cloud Open Labs and All Cloud strategy.

The impetus for Open Cloud Open Labs is to establish an industry ecosystem and support open collaboration, allowing operators, industry organizations and Huawei partners to address the challenges of digital transformation, the company said.

“Our Cloud Open Labs will also support Huawei’s All Cloud Strategy. Huawei Global Technical Service will continuously increase investment in consulting and system integration in an effort to enable operators to tap into unlimited opportunities in the $1 trillion digital market,” said Jim Lu, president of global technical service at Huawei.

Huawei’s four connected labs and unified digital-operations platform are designed to support operators’ network evolution and operations transformation. The Open Labs include the Global Network Evolution and Experience Center (GNEEC), the NFV Open Lab, the SDN Open Lab, and the DC Open Lab — where Huawei can innovate solutions jointly with operators, industry organizations and partners, and achieve mutual certification and authorization together with partners.

To date, the labs have worked with more than 40 partners for solution integration and verification. They have also completed pre-verification for more than 550 projects, and pursued joint innovation in conjunction with Wind River, VMware, Red Hat and Accenture, the company noted.

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