CloudJumper: How MSPs Can Beat Telcos

Managed service providers will have think outside of the box if they want to remain competitive in their space.

CloudJumper's Max PrugerSo says CloudJumper, which on Tuesday listed a five-point plan for MSPs to compete with telecommunications firms that have been targeting the enterprise market more than ever.

“MSPs are awakening to managed services increasing reality of intense competition from the telcos,” said Max Pruger, CloudJumper’s chief sales officer. “Therefore, they will need to arm themselves with the proper tools and strategies to outmaneuver this growing class of competitors entering the market.”

The workspace-as-a-service provider, which has postured itself as a resource for MSP, cited an Ovum forecast that signals the trend of telcos targeting enterprise customers. The study projected that the enterprise revenues of telecom service providers will reach $297 billion by 2020. The days of simple voice and data are fading.{ad}

Pointing to the “ubiquity of broadband” that has shifted the way business is done, CloudJumper says. “The competitive environment for MSPS is no longer business as usual.”

The company offers five points to meet the trend; expanding your knowledge base, whether through educational resources or within the confines of a partner ecosystem; employing “high demand cloud applications” in order to strengthen your portfolio; differentiating yourself by adopting new licensing strategies; growing profit through automation and focusing on overall business strategy.

“While we have seen significant competitive pressures nationwide, a closely monitored, well-managed operation with a strong focus on its core business presents a formidable challenge to any new market entrant,” said Frank Picarello, chief operating officer for managed services at TeamLogicIT. “With many years of success in the managed services space, we are in close agreement with the strategies and technologies presented here as our organization has grown significantly over the last several years, in large part by following such strategies.”

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