Kaminario Addresses Storage Buying Concerns With New Program

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Kaminario on Monday launched its K-Assured program aimed at helping channel partners deliver better service and products to customers.

Kaminario's Josh EpsteinThe program is split into two parts, with the first part offering assurances when a customer purchases Kaminario K2 – the all-flash storage system; and the second part offering a strategy to future-proof a storage purchase and provide assurances to meet the demands of a growing business. The all-flash storage company works with a network of resellers and distributors globally.

Josh Epstein, Kaminario’s vice president of global marketing, tells Channel Partners his company wanted to simplify the storage buying process for enterprise IT, and the new program addresses common storage purchasing concerns around cost, performance, availability and scalability. The program is available to all Kaminario customers – existing and new customers – regardless of whether they purchased directly from Kaminario or through a partner.

“Our goal was to address storage purchasing concerns that affect customers in the immediate term all the way through the life of the platform,” he said. “The first three assurances focus on guaranteeing useable capacity, actual system performance and (high service) availability. The second set of assurances are designed to future-proof storage purchases by locking in maintenance pricing, guaranteeing SSD for the entire life of the system and assuring that Kaminario’s systems can always be upgraded with the latest controller, networking and SSD technology available. This last assurance is designed to eliminate disruptive fork-lift upgrades.”{ad}

Kaminario recently hosted a partner advisory council, where it “heard a lot about the challenges our partners face working with customers that have been consistently burned by traditional storage vendors,” Epstein said.

“These vendors are leveraging sales processes full of confusing terms and marketing claims that are not backed up with any kind of assurance,” he said. “K-Assured helps our partners focus discussions on Kaminario’s unique technology advantages and make real commitments to what customers will actually get from their investment.”

The Kaminario Accelerate Partner Program is based on “simplicity and transparency,” and the K-Assured program is “completely aligned with this philosophy,” Epstein said.

“Our ultimate intent is to help close more business quickly while setting the stage for positive customer relationships that result in follow-on sales,” he said.

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