Verizon’s Virtualization Quest Expands to the Network

Verizon says it is taking virtualization to the network.

The company this week launched Virtual Network Services, which it says will help companies move to a virtual infrastructure model.

“This is all about the fact that the network is finally catching up to the data center,” said Vickie Lonker, director of product and new business for Verizon Enterprise Solutions.

Verizon's Vickie LonkerLonker said virtualization in the data center has helped to create an elastic and scalable application layer. But the time has come for the next step in the company’s Software Defined Networking and Network Functions Virtualization strategy.

“[Businesses] need efficient and resilient ways for their apps to safely get to multiple destinations that use multiple networks,” she said.

Lonker said the solution will provide enterprises with agility and on-demand resources in a “living network.”

“Enterprise CIOs also tell us that they want to worry less about the network and much more about their customers’ experience, which means they need to … offer integrated management all the way from the app to the cloud in a simple way better reduces their total cost of ownership,” she said.{ad}

Partners will deliver the multi-vendor solution as-a-service in three deployment models: cloud-based virtual customer premises equipment (CPE) services, premises-based universal CPE services and hybrid services.

The solution is readily available to agents, but Lonker said Verizon is working on making it available to resellers. The difficulty lies in that this is essentially a managed service without “substantial CPE.”

“I’m selling licenses, and we haven’t really figured out how you do licenses with resellers. Because I’m not necessarily authorized to resell the licenses I’m buying to a reseller of my product,” she said. “We’ve got to work through those licensing arrangements so everybody is properly cared for.”

Channel Partners reported this week that one study projects the network functions virtualization market to increase dramatically in the next several years.

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