Pluribus Tackles Performance Management With VCFcenter

PRESS RELEASE — Palo Alto, Calif. – July 11, 2016Pluribus Networks, the premier network fabric and analytics solutions provider, today announced the next phase of its award-winning network performance and monitoring solution, its VCFcenter™ platform and VCF application portfolio. VCFcenter is a single pane of glass that has been designed with absolute simplicity in mind to enable the user to align common network performance management tasks with the modern connected business. VCFcenter was created to deliver the business-oriented analytics needed by modern IT infrastructures at a dramatically lower price-point than anything else on the market.

The modern enterprise-class applications process involves hundreds or thousands of micro applications, working together in the back-end of the data center and communicating via the network. This distributed approach to processing workloads raises the importance of business-aware network analytics, from an optional feature to critical business success factor.{ad}

VCFcenter is a true management platform that provides a wide range of foundational services, including secure user access, common user interface and shared data repository to all of the applications that are hosted within its framework. Deploying VCFcenter allows organizations to collect and analyze contextual information about business service application flows, and can scale into the billions of flows for web-scale applications. VCFcenter provides performance metrics associated with the use of any business service, from the packet, to the network flow or even the application level.

With a much lower barrier of entry than traditional monitoring solutions from Cisco, VMWare, Gigamon, NetScout and others, Pluribus is making network performance monitoring and analytics accessible to businesses of any size. Pluribus Networks VCFcenter provides the essential capabilities of an enterprise-class performance monitoring solution that can be used in any network already in place, providing organizations with simple accountability for their network.

Key Features:

  • Enhanced Analytic Insights – flow and packet visibility with direct correlation to the business services that are consuming that information
  • Ease of Deployment – Flexibility that allows companies to deploy any number of distributed collectors, in hardware or software
  • Scalability – Support for branch, campus, enterprise and web-scale for billions of flows
  • Reporting – Automatically provide key performance indicators and usage parameters to all vested parties
  • Openness – Support third-party analytics applications with the addition of a fully documented and open REST API

Supporting Quotes

Sunay Tripathi, founder and CTO of Pluribus Networks

“Having application-aware visibility into your organization’s network is crucial as the transformation of the data center continues across the industry. Network visibility has always been a luxury- available only to large enterprises that could afford expensive, complex, big brand solutions. With our VCFcenter and its new family of applications, we’ve democratized network performance monitoring and delivered the industry’s only affordable, plug and play network agnostic monitoring solution for the masses.”

For more information about VCF Insight Analytics, please visit here.

About Pluribus Networks
Pluribus Networks provides data center solutions that allow your business to run unconstrained. Our software-defined, open networking, fabric-based solutions transform existing network infrastructures into flexible and strategic assets fully aligned with today’s digital business needs. Our Virtualization-Centric Fabric (VCF™) architecture provides unprecedented insight, agility and security to customers seeking to simplify operations, run more cost effectively and bring new applications online faster. Find us on the web at and @pluribusnet.

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