CenturyLink Partners Get Access to New Location-Based Analytics Service


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CenturyLink on Monday introduced its new Location-Based Analytics, an Internet of Things (IoT) service for owners and operators to create personalized experiences for visitors to their business venues.

CenturyLink's David RothThe mobile service features Wi-Fi technology and an analytics platform to gather relevant customer demographic and location data, analytics capabilities to discern business insights, and social engagement and marketing tools for businesses to act on data findings in real-time, according to CenturyLink.

David Roth, CenturyLink’s director of solutions marketing, tells Channel Partners the service is “easy for existing partners to adopt because the foundation is already in place with partners that offer our CenturyLink managed Wi-Fi service, which used Cisco Meraki technology and is part of our Managed Enterprise suite of solutions.” Some partners already are selling the service, he said.

“A partner can grow its relationship with a customer using CenturyLink Location-Based Analytics,” he said. “This solution helps partners expand beyond a typical IT sale with the customer’s IT team. CenturyLink Location-Based Analytics elevates the partner to having conversations with the customer’s chief marketing officer and showing the value they can bring to the customer’s marketing strategy. Same with operations – the partner can become a trusted business advisor for the customer’s digital transformation.”{ad}

The service is geared toward owners and operators of venues and spaces – such as amusement parks, college campuses, retail destinations and transportation hubs.

Customers get access to their own analytics and marketing portal, an online hub for monitoring venue traffic and location information, analyzing customer information and taking action to help drive customer loyalty, operational efficiencies and business revenue.

The portal features analytics reporting and marketing tools based on technology developed by Purple, an “intelligent spaces” company serving hospitality, retail, restaurants and other venues across 73 countries.

“This solution is attractive for our partners to offer because there are tangible benefits to the customer right away in terms of the marketing value of the solution,” Roth said. “Customers see the business drivers addressed by CenturyLink Location-Based Analytics, so it is very ‘sellable.’ We have helped make it easier to address a location-based analytics need by putting together and managing all the components needed to create a platform that is more interactive and personalized for a venue’s visitors while at the same time helping the venue operator make data-driven marketing and operational decisions.”

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